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Singapore undoubtedly is one of the major travel hubs in Asia (along with Hong Kong and Bangkok). From Singapore it is very easy to reach virtually every destination in Southeast Asia that you can think of - and that for very little money! Within two hours you can get to places such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia or Vietnam. Below you can get some hints about where to book your trips and which places are likely to offer good service - and the best rates, too...

Travel Agents

Many cheap travel agents can be found on Beach Road. Check out the Golden Mile Tower and the Golden Mile Complex, and don't be put off by the appearance of the agencies - think about it: low rents allow them to offer you the best rates! Usually you will pay less if you pay cash, and don't worry, usually you can trust the agencies - but make sure you ask for a receipt. One thing that is likely to annoy you quickly is that it will take the agents forever to find the right flights for you...if they even bother looking. Generally, booking tickets is somewhat less efficient in Asia than what you might be used to from your home country.

Another location that has cheap travel agents is the Peninsula Plaza next to City Hall MRT. This place is very easy to reach for those who don't live in the Beach Road area.

Also, check the cheap Singaporean online travel agents that are listed on www.yahoo.com.sg. One good choice is Misa travel, as it usually offers many cheap packages. For promotional packages you might also want to check directly with the airlines!

Trips to Kuala Lumpur and Malacca

p1Bus trips to Kuala Lumpur (KL) can best be booked at the Golden Mile Complex on Beach Road, which is where the Buses depart, too. The bus ride to KL takes anywhere between 5 and 6.5 hours, depending on how lucky you are at the border checkpoint and whether your Bus stops in Malacca on the way to KL or not. The bus ride will cost you around S$40 to S$45 for a round trip, and you will be in enormously comfortable luxury buses with only three seats per row. You can get the bus tickets for half the price, if you decide to travel from Johor Bahru (JB) to KL. The buses are the same, but you can only board them in JB, so you'd have to take another bus to JB first (which costs S$2.50 one-way from Little India, and takes around 30 minutes). Good bus companies are Grassland and Konsortium. The single best bus that travels between KL and Singapore is the Aeroliner, which costs you around S$70 for the round trip - but every seat is a massage seat! As you're likely to stay overnight, you should consider packages that offer a bus ticket and a hotel room.

Another option to go to KL is to fly from JB. The cheapest deal is the limited-offer S$19.90 (one-way) flight with Air Asia, but it could be difficult to get those tickets.

Trips to Bintan

Most people come to Bintan for the nice beaches and the parties - and stay for one night. The intern favorite resorts seem to be the Nirwana and the Mana Mana. You should be able to book inexpensive packages in any travel agency, but make sure you look for promotions! The whole trip including the ferry should not cost you more than S$120. If you only want to buy ferry tickets, you can do so at the Tanah Merah ferry terminal, or online on the ferry company's website.